Our Journey

Before launching our MailRush solution, we have been in the Data Center services industry since 2002, providing users worldwide a range of hosted solutions, including email services. Our headquarter is based in Panama City, Panama.

We started MailRush development in May 2019 to assist our users in sending cold outreach campaigns while maintaining their sender reputation by automating email marketing best practices resulting in higher deliverability rates.

MailRush improves email deliverability with an innovative approach that includes:

  • Automates best practices for Cold Email Outreach
  • Provides KPIs for tracking domain reputation issues
  • Automates Email Sequences for follow-ups
  • Acts as the Email Service Provider, prospector tool, email automation tool, email API, and email validation tool all under the same solution.

Our mission is to be the de facto solution for running successful automated cold email outreach campaigns.

Our Team

Jorge Moreno

Jorge Moreno
Founder & CEO

Prior to MailRush, Jorge had the lead role of creating Cyber Cast Intl hosted services portfolio. He has a vast experience in designing network infrastructure, server infrastructure and software developement from the perspective of a telcom engineer.

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Sadday Burgos

Sadday is in charge of the operation and finance.

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Sujoy Mukherjee
Software Engineer

Sujoy has vast experience in developing backend solutions and data base administration.

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Michelle Núñez
Public Relations & Content Creation

Michelle is in charge of transferring knowledge and value to our users through content creation.

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Nexar Donadio
Infrastructure Engineer

Nexar is in charge of maintaining MailRush server infrastrucutre and related support cases.

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Victor Paz
Support Engineer

Victor is in charge of assisting users with their setup and with any technical difficulty.

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Raquel Morrell
Billing Manager

Raquel assists our users with their billing needs.