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What is SMTP ? A look into the Email Protocol

Whati s SMTP?

The World Wide Web functions based on some set protocols which are set of specialized rules of networking software and guideline allowing a computer to hook up with other networks thereby enabling you to read news, shop, send mail and more.

Although these protocols are essential for any kind of networking activities, the a common user will not have to shoulder the responsibility of managing, installing or even thinking about them.

Website administrators and Email marketers may feel the necessity to acquire knowledge about these protocols, for instance SMTP, a protocol that monitors every email that you have sent your lifetime is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP. Through its assistance, your email will never reach the intended recipient.

A closer look at SMTP

SMTP belongs to the TCP/IP protocols application layer.  It makes use of a process known as “store and forward” to move your emails across different networks.  It collaborates with the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) for sending yours to desired email inbox and computer.

SMTP regulates how the email should move from your computer’s MTA to an MTA on other computers. By virtue of the “step and forward”, feature the message moves from your computer to the intended recipient.  At every step, the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol keeps on working. All of these things occur behind the scenes and it is not elementary to understand the operation of SMTP. For this, you may rely the complexity of setting up and maintaining a SMTP infrastrucutre to a

How SMTP works

SMTP has a code set that brings about simplification in the way email messages communicate between two or more email servers.  You can think about it as something analogous to shorthand letting a server in breaking down all the parts of the message into specific categories that can be comprehended by another server.  In this process, the message sent is broken down into textual strings, which are segregated, by code words or numbers to facilitate the identification of each section’s purpose.

The SMTP provides these codes and the software running in the email server has a set of programs that can understand what it means. As the message travel to its intended destination, it will pass through several computers and their corresponding MTAs. In the whole process, it is stored for a short time before making its’ way to the next network in the way. You can compare it with a letter exchanging hands before making its way in the desired mailbox.

Limitations when Sending Emails

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has predetermined limit, usually low, on the number of emails that you can send within a fixed time interval. Every ISP is dependent on its corresponding SMTP for determining the exact number of electronic mail or emails that you can send from one connection. Due to the high risk of outgoing Spam on this type of server the ISP will start limiting your emails making it impossible to reach the recipient

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