What is IP Warming?

IP Warming is a method used for new IP address with poor or neutral reputation. Usually when sending emails with this type of IP status majors emails service providers will take precautions as there is no past sending history for your IP. For this reason it is very important to use this IP Warming Calulator to plan your IP and Domain warming process.

The goal of this IP Warming Calculator is that you can create a daily plan on how many emails you need to send for that day. A daily increment (linear or exponential) will follow up to the term you choose. Our suggestion is to calculate a 30 days IP warming plan with exponential strategy keeping the growth rate less than 20% of daily increment. The result of the process should deliver positive impact on the delivery of emails and a decrease in the risk of getting flagged as spam due to high sending frequency in a short period.

IP Warming Calculator

Get your IP warming plan using MailRush.io IP Warming Calculator

Requirments for an IP Warming Strategy

In order to run an IP wamring strategy in MailRush.io Email Marketing you will need to have some resources available for you.

  • A MailRush.io account with dedicated IP address
  • Your own domain name
  • Access to DNS for your domain name
  • Plan your strategy by using the calculator
  • 30 minutes a day for 30 dasy to manage your sending

In addition to our Email Marketing Tool we also offer IP Warming consultancy where we guide you over 30 days with your sending schedule and seed list for initial engagment. Contact us if you would like to paricipate in the IP wamring program.