Cold Email Tool Features

Built for the best outreach email placment

Enhance Sales Conversion Rates through Cold Outreach

Utilizing's Delivery Intelligence, warnings from email providers are tracked and analyzed in order to optimize the delivery engine, ultimately fostering a positive reputation for long-term Cold Email Marketing endeavors.

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E-mail Validation

Email validation is conducted to ensure that only legitimate email addresses are targeted, thereby avoiding any adverse impact on the sender's reputation caused by a high bounce rate.

Spam Score Check

Prior to campaign deployment,'s Spam Checker evaluates the score of your email templates, applying best practices for sender compliance and ensuring optimal inbox placement.

Unlimited Contacts

Unlike our competitors, we prioritize email volume rather than contact import restrictions, allowing our clients to import an unlimited number of contacts into while maintaining a focus on the number of emails sent.

Webhook Support

Enable real-time automation of event exportation from, including opens, clicks, replies, and unsubscriptions, to your CRM system for streamlined processing.

Dedicated IP

A dedicated IP address for an email server enables campaign isolation from other mailers, providing full control over reputation management efforts.

Cold Email API

Effortlessly integrate your CRM application with our robust API. Utilize its functionality to import contacts to campaigns, unsubscribe contacts, and initiate email sequences for new prospects.

Event Tracking offers comprehensive tracking and monitoring capabilities to empower you with critical insights into key performance indicators such as delivery rate, open rate, click rate, reply rate, subscribes, unsubscribes, as well as inbox placement and feedback loop monitoring.

Email Sending Schedule

Maximize the effectiveness of your email communication by strategically selecting the optimal days and hours based on your recipient's time zone schedule, thereby ensuring high readership rates for your messages.

Template Editor

Effortlessly craft visually stunning HTML email templates with's intuitive Drag and Drop template builder. Enhance your messages with engaging images, compelling titles, and prominent call-to-action buttons for maximum impact.

Sending Email Server

Streamline your B2B cold email campaigns with's cutting-edge email service, equipped with a dedicated Email Server for seamless email outreach. Eliminate the need for external SMTPs such as Gsuite and optimize your email placement for maximum efficacy.

Email Sequences

Employ the advanced automated email sequence builder to schedule follow-up messages on specific future dates, resulting in a substantial increase in the conversion rates of cold prospects to fully engaged clients.

Content Rotation

Incorporate custom fields and utilize spintax-based content rotation to minimize email content repetition, leading to optimal inbox placement and maximum contact reach.

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