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What are Transactional Emails? Demystified.

what are transactional emails?

What are transactional emails? Often, users do not understand the difference between a transactional email and marketing email. In this blog post, I will explain how they differ from each other.

Transactional Emails

A Transactional Email is an email that is informative in regards to a service or product you, as a provider, are rendering or providing.

In this case, the contact is already a customer and the email you are sending is not advertising directly a product or service.

Transactional Emails will result in higher click rates and open rates due to its nature. Industry standards for open rates of transactional emails are around 40-50% on average.

Marketing Emails

On the other hand, marketing emails are those emails you send to promote or advertise a product or service. It could be a new product or a new blog post or a cold email outreach.

In the case of marketing emails, the average open rate is around 15%. It is also important to understand how open rates are tracked and good practices you can follow to optimize it.


It is good practice to separate your transactional emails from your marketing emails. The reason behind this is that if your email marketing is not well managed it can affect your overall sender’s reputation affecting the deliverability of your overall email communication.

Imagine that you cannot reach your contact with their service delivery email? For this reason, you can apply a separate strategy so you can successfully send your email marketing without the risk of a negative impact.

At we handle different network blocks and sender’s domain names to isolate our transactional email service from email marketing service. In addition, we also provide a WordPress Plugin to enable your website to use a for sending your emails.

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