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Using Template Library

using the template library

This is a short manual on how to use the Template Library feature at Email Marketing Tool.

The Template Library is where you want to design your Email Templates and store them for being used at a sending campaign. It allows you to re-use templates in other campaigns. Its grouping feature organize templates depending on their category.

You will find the Template Library at the top header menu under menu item “Templates”.

item at menu

Once clicked you will get the result of all templates available at the library. If you haven’t added a template yet the result will be empty and the next step would be creating a new template.

empty template library

Secondly, add a new template to the library click on “Add Template” Button as shown.

add template button

As a result, this action will bring up the Email Template designer. The Email Template designer assist you in the process of creating and styling your template. Here is where you are going to specify the Senders Name, Senders Email address, Template Subject line and the body of your email. HTML Tags are fully supported. You can also bring your own HTML code to the designer.

template designer

Consequently, once you have created a few email templates you will have a set of templates available at the library.

library list

You are ready! You have added your first template. Now lets use it at a campaign.

Next, At your campaign template you will see a drop down menu with all the templates available at your library. To display the template select the name of the template from the drop down menu as show.

designer dropdown

We hope that this feature will make easier the management of your templates. An organized template library should result in a more successful email marketing campaign.

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