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Understanding Engagement Credits for email warm-up

email engagement

In this article, I will explain the Engagement Credit service.

Service Goal

The service goal is to warm-up the IP address of the SMTP provided by our service. In this way, warm-up the domain associated with the account, the sender’s email address to improve and maintain higher deliverability levels. We accomplish this by:

  1. Create a steady email volume over time. Good for keeping IP reputation.
  2. Add a transactional stream of email, mixing transactional emails with your email marketing emails for a perfect balance of email content.
  3. Completes the full cycle of engagement (spam to inbox, open, replies)


Your email deliverability is improved by the automated engagement operations the service rendered. The outcome benefits includes:

  1. Email Placement visualization. You will be able to see how your emails are reaching the provider.
  2. Keeps a steady number of emails even when not running a campaign
  3. Increases Email sending history in a positive manner
  4. Improves Email Deliverability

The Process

Your MailRush account will automatically send a set of transactional emails to our engagement pool. These emails will be marked as non-spam, opened, and replied to. In this way, it completes the full cycle of engagement. The process includes:

  1. Warm-up of the SMTP IP address
  2. Warm-up of the domain name
  3. Warm-up of the senders email address

While a manual email warming is possible, our email warming is fully automated and effortless. This reduces the time usually associated with the process. Subscribe to our cold email software to get started.

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