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Seven Tips to Attract Customers with Cold Emails

seven tips cold emails

Cold Email marketing is a successful way of marketing from the advent of email technology itself. Whether you want to promote your product locally or internationally, you just need build an Email List and that’s it.

Today, emails are still a practical way of attracting more customers to your services, especially if you are cold emailing. But, most small business fail. Reason? They don’t have the right tools and are unfamiliar of the latest ways to improve their conversion ratio.

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Let’s learn some of the best ways to write persuasive emails that get clicks.

1. Your Subject Line Matters

Think of cold email marketing as a do or die opportunity for your business. What will you do if your business depends on the emails you write? Will you change them then?

Subject line of your emails can increase the click through rate by 100% provided you know how to write them well.

Here are a few examples for killer subject lines:

  1. You’re missing out…
  2. Earn double points today only
  3. Is this the hottest career?

Some of the best subject lines are often the simplest ones.

2. Get Personal

Your email isn’t a blog. You can get personal if you know the name of the person you are targeting. Some of the best conversions happen just because you have called the person by his first name in the email.

An example of this: Mary, Your Coffee Maker is Getting Old!

3. Pin Point their Pain

Your first line after the salutations should focus on their pain points. Think about it, why would a stranger read your email completely? You need to pin point their pain and let them know that you can solve it.

For example, they need a juice for under $100 and you email them when the prices drop saying…

Hi Mary,

Seems like you were looking for this XXXX juicer. Guest what! It is now available for sale at $50. Get it today.

Seems like you were looking for this XXXX juicer. Guest what! It is now available for sale at $50. Get it today.

4. Call to Action Link

This is a simple email that leads to more sales when you point out the pains of the users.

You can try it for other services as well. Just be creative and think from your brain instead of following what is available on internet. Remember, novelty breeds success.

5. Follow Up Emails

This one is a discreet technique. You will send this email when you are in search for their honest feedback about your product or service that they bought earlier. While this is true, but you will not only send them the email but also add ‘Frequently bought products’ with it. These products are the necessary items or complimentary products that the customer will buy at some point.

For example, for a fishing rod, the complimentary product will be a fishing bucket.

Sending follow up emails with a list of products that your users can buy is a sure-fire way to double your conversion rate in less time.

6. Reward Your Email Readers

One way to remain in the good books of your email readers is when you offer rewards. These rewards can be anything from discounts, free e-books, and much more.

Email Marketing expert Michal Leszczynski says ‘… subscribers don’t want to waste time on emails that are generic or uninteresting. Instead, try offering them valuable content, one that’s tailored to their preferences.’

7. Don’t Be Salesy

” Adjective. salesy (comparative more salesy, superlative most salesy) (colloquial) Characteristic of the language or techniques used to sell goods and services; especially, resembling a hard sell; pushy. ”

Consider this. Your house bell rings. You open the door and you see a guy with a shopper in hand. You immediately know that this is a sales guy trying to sell you something. Immediately, your guard will turn on. Whether he may greet you and engage you in conversation, you are sure that you will simply say no when he tries to sell you his products.

Same is the case when you get a call from a bank where you don’t operate your account. You will know immediately that they are trying to sell you a credit card offer. Again, your guard will turn on and you will simply say no when they tell you about the offer.

Don’t be like that when selling your products. While cold emailing is not bad, if it is too sales focused, it becomes unethical. Instead, try to form a discussion.

Marketing experts say that client relationship is just like marriage. You need to give them space.

So, make sure to don’t do ‘in your face’ advertising when cold calling your prospects. Understand their problems by engaging them and let them answer to your questions. If they are interested, they will surely go for your offer.


Follow these persuasive email techniques to get the most from your emails. Email marketing is a process just like any other. You will not become the best email marketer in a day. Instead, give it time and learn from your mistakes and soon you will be riding the wave of success.

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