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Sending Transactional Emails from WordPress

transactional emails wordpress

Sending Transactional Emails using from WordPeress is easy to implment when using Forms plugin for WordPress. This is a plugin that allows you to manage subscriptions directly from your Website and you get the option to send Emails using

With a few clicks you can enable your Blog, Website, WooComerce installation to send transactional Emails by using a more reliable method. The plugin will bypass the PHPMail() function used by default in any new WordPress installation and will start using servers. Very often PHPMail() generated emails will arrive to Spam box due the low authentication level that it uses.

All will include working SPF, DKIM signature, PTR and DMARC settings. This increases the chances for transactional emails to reach the inbox as per requirments from top receiving mail servers.

In this article we will show you how you can enable your WordPress installation to send emails using SMTP servers.

Installing the Plugin

The Forms plugin will install straight from your WordPress installation.

First, go to “Plugins” at the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard and then click on “Add New”.

Then, Search for and proceed to install. This process will start the downloading process and installation of the plugin. When done, click on Activate to enable the plugin in your WordPress Website.

Once activated, a option will be displayed at the WordPress left sidebar as shown in the image bellow.

Following to that, enter your API Key (You can find your API key by login into under the “Settings” option at the top menu).

Finally enable the checkbox for “Send Transactional Emails” and save your confirmation.

WordPress will use the administrator email address to send the emails from your installation.

That’s it! your WordPress installation will start sending transactional emails using your account.

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