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Integration with for Customized Analytics

keen io integration mailrush io is always helping its customers grow and scale their businesses with complete peace of mind. That’s why it has partnered with the industry-leading analytics platform The partnership allows users to get a complete view of their real time events in the Keen platform. It means they can use the many tools available in to visualize email marketing event, understand user behavior, make improvements, find out traits, and come up with better strategies to re-market to your customers.

What is

keen io logo is an analytics platform that allows users to make sense of their data. It’s user interface is easy to use and you can stream data to them, store, analyze, visualize without having to enter a single line of code. Keen also empowers its users by allowing them to create real time analytic dashboards.

How Does with Integration Works? can send real time events from your campaigns to Those events includes:

  • email_unsubscribe
  • email_resubscribe
  • email_delivered
  • email_open
  • email_bounce

To start sending real time events from account to we require you to enter your Project ID & Write key to integrate it with the platform.


To start, Open an account at and in

Once you have your accounts created, at, click on “Settings” at the top menu.


After that, click on “Integrations” at the side bar menu Integration with

Finally, enter your Project ID and Write ID. Activate the feature by clicking the check box.

enter your project id and write key

Once done, you will start receiving and storing email events to your project. Since is great at providing data visualizations, you can use its Data Analysis APIs and Visualization tools to make data more understandable. It will help you understand how many people have read your emails, how many of them bounced off the emails and what you were doing wrong that decreased the open rate. Screenshot of email_open events

In conclusion, Data-driven insights are the future. That’s why we enable our users to use data to get valuable insights that they can use to take their businesses to the next level. The integration of to is one step forward in that direction.

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