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How to Write a Cold Email that Converts

There are several reasons why cold email is not an easy communication: you do not have any kind of connection with your prospects, plus you do not get any feedback. As such, you cannot adjust your method of communication, and this is why many cold emails fail.

Nevertheless, they can still work great. Many people have established their careers and business with the help of cold emails. There is less research on cold emails, and so, less information is out there. So, how can you write a selling cold email? This article shares some great insights on how to write a quality cold email to your target audience.

Cold Email Subject Line

Write Convincing Cold Email Subject Line

You can spend hours thinking in the best email body copy, but it will only make sense if someone opens it, otherwise, your energy will go to waste. To ensure this does not happen, your subject line must be compelling.

To write a convincing subject line, determine what you want to say and then narrow them down into five to seven words. Once done, ensure these words address the interests of your audience and vividly communicate what you need in exchange. One way to get your recipient’s attention is to include your name in the subject line.

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Short but Engaging Body Line

Go to the point and satisfy their needs

You must strive to be specific so that you stand out from thousands of emails that recipients receive in their emails. Write a short text based body line and pin point your offer. No need for long email body lines.

Do Not Use Images

You may want to avoid images in your email. While it is not bad to experiment with things, it is advisable to keep images out. Do not add images at the top of your email recipients will think the email is not personal. Try to keep your image count as low as one or less.

Avoid multiple links

Your email needs to be short and precise. Max to max, add only 1 link if possible. Anything more than 1 link, and you will start seeing your click rates declining.

Always add a Call to Action to Your Cold Emails

Once you are done with the message you intend to share, you should include a call to action that will convince your prospects to do you want them to do with the cold email. Any action you wish your prospects to do for you. Keep it clear and straightforward.

To make sure your call to action will affect an action, it should express the purpose of your email, as well as be short and straight to the point.

Ask If There Is Anything the Prospects Can Do

Do make a lot of requests when sending cold emails. Consider asking for a quick response or a simple action, or even a 10-minute call. Remember to start small.

Include all Contact Information in Your Signature

Your email signature must contain your business address. You can add a PO Box or any business address that you normally use. Also, it is a good idea to add your phone number as this helps to build your credibility and trust with the people you are sending email to.

Validate Yourself

When you get an email from a stranger or meet a person you do not know, you want to know what that person is and their importance in your life. Keep this in mind when you are a stranger. You have obviously conducted a lot of research on people you want to cold email, but they have never heard anything about you.

If you have any social status, credibility, or authority that is important to this individual and your need, mention it immediately. One line is enough. If you look more important, then you are more likely to get a quick response.

Do not be worried if you do not have real status. Look for commonality. Consider joining the same group as your prospects, especially if it is a personal group. Find unexpected connection such as unusual hobbies and hometowns.

Experts say similarities are extremely crucial when they are not common. People normally bond when they have something in common, which allows them to feel that they fit in in a given environment.

Cold emails do not need to be cold anymore. With the above tips and with the help of cold email marketing software, you are sure of getting fast responses to your emails.

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