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How to do Video Email on

video email

Video Email is one of the latest trends in email marketing and the reason lies on the impact you get when a video automatically plays inside of the email client when receiving an email.

Video killed the radio star. It is a fact. You can get the attention of your audience and send a more trustful message to them by using video.

Although a video email may look like a normal thing to do, it is not standardized for email use. This means that not all email clients will support the content or will display your video.

For this reason, there are technical considerations when adding video to your emails. At we make it easy for you to use video email and I will explain how to insert a video email in your outreach campaigns.

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Steps to create a Video Email

Step 1: Open the “Designer”

The Designer is our drag and drop HTML email builder. It is located under Template on the Campaign section. When Opening the Template for the campaign, you will get the “Designer” option at the bottom of the section as shown below.

click designer

Step 2: Drag the Video Email Box

At the left side of the Designer you will get all the drag and drop boxes for adding titles, text boxes and others. The last item is the Video Email. Drag and Drop this box at the right side of the panel to add it to your email template.

drag and drop video email

When selecting the video box, you should get the result shown below:

video email

Step 3: Adding your Video and Image fallback

As Video Email is not standardized and some email clients will not support or display the video, we need to specify a placeholder image and a destination URL to take contacts that cannot display the video on their email client.

At the left side of the Designer you will get three URL fields as show below:

video email options

Placeholder URL: This is the url for the image we are going to display when video is not supported. We suggest a size of 480×270 pixels or 19:6 format. Adding a play button to the image will illustrate better the purpose of the image.

jorge moreno video

Destination URL: This is the URL we are going to send our leads when clicking the fallback image. It should be a website page cointaining your video.

Video in Email URL: This is your video. The video should be uploaded to your web hosting server and the supported format is mp4. When a lead receives your email in a video compatible email client, the video will automatically play from within the email content.

jorge moreno video email

That’s it! You have created your first Video Email. When done, click on Export at the right top level of the Designer to export your design back to your campaign template. I strongly suggest you to test your campaigns before sending to your actual list, just to make sure everything is showing correctly. I hope this tutorial was useful for you. Enjoy your video emailing.

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