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How to Clean Your Email List In

clean email list service

Email marketing has become one of the best ways to market in 2020. Almost 4 billion users are now having an email and whatever product you are trying to sell, you can sell it in the best way using an email.

Email is also one of the oldest ways to market products. On an average, emails have an open rate between 18% and 25%. This means out of 100 people, almost 18 people will open your email. Similarly, the click through rate of an email is 3% to 6%. This means of these 100 people, only 3 people will visit your website.

Let’s discuss how email marketing tool helps you with your list hygiene.

Email List Hygiene Improve Deliverability

Is your email getting to the recipient? If your emails are not getting to the recipients this means that either they are landing to the wrong folder or event reaching the spam folder. By cleaning your email list you can clean out people who didn’t open your emails or have a permanent failure (Hard Bounce). software provides a clear picture about who actually opened your email and who didn’t. campaign statistics

Screengrab of

Removing Hard Bounce

Email cleaning or Email validation services can decrease bounce rate. If you send more emails to those invalid emails, the emails will bounce off. Also, a High Bouncing Rate can put a temporary ban on your email service from services like Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail.

The best way to remove hard bouncing emails is to remove them from your list. We will tell about how to clean your email list from invalid emails.

First, click on the contact count at the campaigns screen. This will you to the contact section.

click on contact count

Click the Contact Count at Campaign Screen

Consequently, at the contact screen you will get a filter option at the right end of the screen:

click on filter

Option to filter your contact list

After that, click on the filter option and select “Status” from the drop down menu and make the condition to match “invalid” status as shown below:

set the filter status to invalid

Apply this filter and click on the plus sign

Then, execute the search by clicking on the magnifying glass to get the filtered results showing only the Hard Bounced contacts as show below:

campaing contact filtered screen

Screen showing Hard Bounced contacts in the list

Then, you can proceed to remove the invalid contacts. To accomplish this first select all contacts using the selection checkbox as shown below:

Select invalid filtered results

Make sure to select all the results

Finally, click on “Actions” drop down menu and then on “Delete Selected”. As a result, this will permanently remove the invalid (hard bounced) contacts from your list.

Select Actions and then Delete Selected

Click on Actions and then Delete Selected to remove the hard bounce

With a clean email list, you increase the chance to land in the email inbox of subscribers. Consequently, if you land in the right inboxes, your chances of selling products to the mass market are much higher. That’s why it is important that you’re in the clear.

The email cleaning process protects your domain, IP address, and the server. It is essential that all these are in the green so that you can send emails to your recipients with ease.

That’s it. You have successfully cleaned your email list using

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