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How to Avoid the Spam Folder When Sending Emails

avoid spam folder

There are great expectations when it comes to email delivery. You may feel that there are unexplained reasons that make your emails land in the spam folder but there are paths you can take to improve the performance of your email outreach effort.

Instinctively, you may think that the recipient’s Email Service Providers (ESPs) is the problem.  Surely, they will try to do their best to minimize spam emails reaching their users’ inboxes. For this, it implies the deployment of efficient spam filters. If your emails are making their way to the spam folder then it is possible that you are not following cold email outreach best practices or need a cold email software that automates these best practices for you.

Low Email engagement and poor sending reputation are the two of the main reasons why emails end up in the spam folder. Fortunately, these issues can be sorted out through the execution of best practices and prudent sending habits.   

Follow Anti-Spam Regulations

Have you heard about the CAN-SPAM act?  It implies that there are pre-existing rules you have to follow to avoid falling into bad email sending habits.  ESPs will place emails into their users inboxes only if your cold email flow is in compliance with anti-spam rules.

The relevancy of the content that you are presenting to the contacts is key to generate postive engagemnt and convert cold prospects in becoming clients or partners.

Automate Contact Subscription and Unsubscription

Make sure that you provide an unsubscribe link in your emails. automate the process of subscribes and unsubscribes by adding the unsubscribe link at the footer of the Email body and by managing subscription using a WordPress plugin that adds subscription forms to your Website.

If a user is not interested in receiving your message then the option to remove them is the next best thing.  Not adding an unsubscribe link may result in spam flags which negatively affects your IP and Domain reputation.

MailRush also supports a Suppression List where you can email addresses or domain names that you want to avoid sending emails from any of your campaings and follow-up automations.

Engagement Level

Email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook will track their user engagement to determine future email placement. For this reason, maintaining a good level of contact engagement is possible the most important metric to focus on. Metrics like click-through rate, open rate and reply rates reveals an impressive picture?  The engagement levels of users with your emails will improve your IP and domain reputation over time.

Email Service Providers prefer to track the interaction of users with your message. If a user is not clicking, opening, replying to these messages then it will very likely end up in the spam folder for future emails. Always try to send email marketing emails to your most engaging users.

What about no engagement?

If a user is not engaging then it may be time to remove them from your email list. Based on the email campaign’s frequency you may consider removing inactive users.  

Content Relevancy is king

Subject lines have an undeniable influence, however how targeted is your content will result in more users interacting with your emails.  By complying with the good sending practices, you ensure that your email is properly targeted and does not mislead users about who and why they got an email from you.

Mare sure to add the unsubcription link and physical address on your emails.  Successively, make sure that your email is properly coded as far HTML is concerned. You need to look over the code and be sure that nothing is out of place. Free tools like Mxtoolbox may uncover technical issues that may influence your email delivery.