How do I Fix SPF error shown at the Anti-Spam Check

SPF Fix Error anti-spam check test may result in failure if the SPF for the email you are using at the sender is not set to allow SMTP servers to send emails in their behalf. This document will explain what SPF, why it is a requirement for the anti-spam check and how to authorize severs to start sending your Email Campaigns.

What is SPF

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework and it is configured at the DNS zone for the domain used in the sender’s email address. It’s main purpose is aimed at reducing spam and fraud for email. Basically to reduce the risk of forged senders address in email, a form of fraud called phishing. All majors emails provider will check that the SPF record includes the network of the server sending the email. If the SPF record is not authorizing the SMTP server IP address or network they will flag the email as spam and it will end in the junk box if it ever arrives.

How to Fix the Error

Usually you can find your DNS zone where you registered your domain under DNS settings. In the DNS zone you will find a TXT record for the SPF. If it is not present you will have to create the TXT entry for the SPF as:

v=spf1 ipv4: ~all

If your domain has an existing SPF record, modify as:

v=spf1 ipv4: …

Once this setup is completed the Anti-Spam check at will Pass.

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