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How do I Fix SPF error shown at the Anti-Spam Check

SPF Fix Error anti-spam check may result in failure if the SPF for the email you are using is not allowing servers to send in their behalf. It is a must to fix SPF record for your sending domain.

This document explains what is SPF. Why it is a requirement for the anti-spam check and how to authorize severs for Email Marketing Campaigns.

What is SPF

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework. Configure the SPF record at the DNS zone for the domain used in the sender’s email address. To reduce spam and fraud emails it the main purpose of the SPF record. Basically to reduce the risk of forged senders address in email, a form of fraud called phishing.

All majors email providers, including G mail and Outlook, checks if the SPF record is including the network of the server sending the email.

If the SPF record is not authorizing the SMTP server IP address or network then the receiving email service provider may flag the email as spam resulting it to ends in the junk box folder.

Three Commons SPF Errors

There are a few reasons why your Email Template is resulting in failure for the SPF error. This are a list of possible reasons your are getting SPF Failure:

1- You do not own the domain used in the senders email address

You are trying to send from an email address which domain is not of your property. In order to successfully start your campaign the Senders email needs to be from a domain name that you own. Sending using or will not work because this domain names are not authorizing network. This could be considered a flag for phishing attempts which is an unwanted type of email traffic.

The suggestion is to register a new domain or just using an existing domain that you have full control over. You will need DNS server access to be able to configure the SPF entry.

2- You are using an invalid domain

By using a senders email address which domain name does not exist, is not registered, or it is expired. You cannot add random email addresses in your email template. Make sure you use an email address that you have access to.

3- You are using a valid domain name without an SPF entry

In the case you own the domain and want to use it at, then you need to make sure you are adding networks to your new or existing SPF entry. You can only have one SPF entry per host. The SPF entry is configured at your DNS servers for the domain used in your email address. If you have problems with this setup you may open a support ticket so we can assist you further. Usually this is a one time configuration and after that you will be ready to send.

Below we will explain how to configure your DNS for your domain name to fix the SPF failure.

How to Fix SPF Error

Usually, you can find your DNS zone where you registered your domain or at your web hosting provider. In the DNS zone you will find a TXT record for the SPF. If the record is not present, you will have to create the TXT entry for the SPF as:

SPF for a new domain name you can use:

v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: ~all

The entry above is used in the case you do not have this TXT entry for the SPF. In the case you already have a TXT entry for the SPF, you will need to modify its value to add network. Add the network below to your existing SPF entry:

SPF for G-Suite accounts you can use:

v=spf1 +a +mx ~all

For Office 365 accounts you can use:

v=spf1 +a +mx ~all

SPF for Regular Web Hosting accounts use:

v=spf1 +a +mx ~all

It could take up to 48 hours for this update to be propagated over the Internet. After that try to run the Spam check again and if it was configured correctly you will Pass the check.

While provides you with SPF check you can also try external SPF checkers from

In conclusion, SPF entry is an important technical aspect that you need to manage in order to increase the chance of reaching your prospect inbox.

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