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Email Marketing Templates to Get More Leads

Email marketing templates

Businesses rely on a variety of digital marketing ways to attract and convert customers. One of the most effective ways to generate sales is through email marketing templates. Emails are easy to create and don’t require complex programming to send when using the right Email Marketing tool

According to DM News, 73% of businesses prefer emails for lead generation in comparison with content marketing that only 68% users use to enhance store conversions. If you create precise emails by segmenting your users according to different categories, you can easily improve the conversions of your store. This includes persuasive writing coupled with better creatives and a sweet CTA (call to action).

To help you learn how to create precise emails to generate more leads, we have created a list of the best emails templates that have generated great results for users. Consider these emails as templates for your next lead generation campaign.

Best Ways to Generate Sales Leads Through Emails

A Roundup Post

In a roundup, you send all your top blogs in the email. But for sales leads, you will send all these blogs + a landing page to let your customers buy your products or at least get more awareness about it.

Many companies use for sending their weekly or monthly newsletters. makes the whole process seamless and affordable. Make sure to open a trial account.

Blog Newsletter Strategy

Go to your Google Analytics dashboard and select a list of your best blogs or best products and send them in a newsletter format. This works across every industry irrespective of the type of business you have. If you have a decent email list, you can start sending newsletters.

Now, add a sales page, a product within them, this way you will be delivering value without being too self-promotional.

Newsletters with Video Content

Who doesn’t know about Backlinko? Brian Dean, the mastermind behind this website is known for this creative strategies for gaining thousands of followers in a single go. He has written many ebooks, guides, and now also has a video blog in millions.

video in email marketing template

The above screenshot is of one of Brian Dean’s email that he send to his subscribes to get more of them. There are two reasons people would want to join Brian dean:

  • They don’t know that his video blog also exists
  • They want to learn more from him, which is only possible through his video blog

The benefits of this video blog are endless. Similarly, you can also implement this strategy in your next blog.

How to implement: Pick one of your best performing pieces of content, preferably a video content, and provide tips with it in the email. You can also send two or three pieces of video content all at once. But make sure that the other pieces don’t steal the limelight from the actual piece of content.

Lead Generation with Ebook

Hi {name},

Thanks for downloading {resource they converted on}!

You can access your ebook {resource they converted on link}.

And don’t hesitate to let us know if you need any guidance on getting your {resource subject} up and running. Just email {marketing email address} (or drop by our office in {city} if you’re in the area), and we’d be happy to help.

PS: Do you know our next ebook EBOOK NAME HERE is on SALE with 50% off!



This email marketing templates can be sent in response to an ebook request. The visitor asked for the ebook and now you have sent it to his email box. This is one way to collect emails. But what if he doesn’t know about a new offer that you are promoting? You can use that email to sell that offer to him as well.

How this strategy works?

You will need to put a free ebook as a hook to grab more customers. When your visitors opt for the ebook they will get this email. This is one way to spread brand awareness and to let visitors know what you have on offer.

Send a coupon code with your offer

Subject Line: Get a ticket for SEO Convention

Hello {name},

We are opening tickets sales for our yearly SEO Convention. It’s going to be the premier convention of the year for SEO experts.

Here is a 50% discount coupon code that is valid for the next 15 days for you to take advantage and join us at the event.

Coupon Code: SEO123

We will have top experts in Search Engine Optimization. It is time for networking.


How to do it?

Fortunately, these types of email marketing templates are pretty easy to write. Simply let your users know:

  • What they will get through the email
  • How much does it cost and what is the discount offered
  • What they will lose if they don’t buy

Demo Product or Service Trial

Another great way to get leads is by offering a demo of your product or a trial for the service you offer. This is how LinkedIn offers demo products for its premium membership. 

We all know that LinkedIn earns through its premium membership and ads. So, it is focusing on gaining more premium members by promoting the offers. On and off, you will see LinkedIn premium offers in your inbox. Why not replicate this email for your benefit?

email template 2

How to do it?

What type of product are you selling? If it is a SaaS product, you can offer a FREE TRIAL, or a DEMO to your users. Send an email about what benefits they will get by opting for your product and attach a CTA at the very end. The CTA can be ‘TRY FOR FREE’, ‘FREE TRIAL’, ‘REQUEST DEMO’ and more.

That’s it. 

These are some of the most persuasive email techniques to convert visitors to customers. Remember expertise demand experience, and experience requires patience and lots of failures. So, keep trying and eventually you will become a lead ninja.

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