Customizing your Email Template for Effectiveness

customize email template

Customizing your email makes a difference in terms of reaching the Inbox. If all your emails are unique the more chances you get to engage users.

Email service providers often track the signature or footprint of the email. Just imagine, if you send 100 emails with the same content the chances to get flagged as bulk Email increases with every repetition. But, if the content of your Emails is different, the email will look natural as each one is customized for the recipient.

In this article, we are going to explain how you can customize your Email Templates when using email marketing tool.

Use Custom Fields

Custom fields are fields that you specify in the contact list CSV file you import to Usually, you would import the name and email of the contact, but if you want to add more details like the company name or any other data you will need to use the custom fields. You can use custom fields to customize details of the contact you are sending to.


Hello {name},

This is John, from ABC. I see your company {custom1} is requiring of…

In this example, the {name} will be replaced with the name of the contact as long as it was assigned to the name field when uploading the contact. The {custom1} will be replaced with the company name of the contact as long as you assigned the value to the custom 1 field when uploading the CSV file.

Custom fields can be used in the subject (A and B test) and in the body of the template. supports 8 custom fields you can use. Use as {custom1} … {custom8}.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing provides the option to test 2 different subjects when sending a template. You can include custom fields in both subjects providing more diverse subject lines. Our suggestion is to always use A and B test for the subject line.

Email Content Spinning

Email content spinning refers to the possibility of rotating the content of the email by providing replacement options for sections of the email content.


{Hello|Hi|Hey} {name},

{This is John, from ABC.|My name is John and I represent ABC.} I see your company {custom1} is requiring of…

In this example, we are using the spinning syntax {option 1|option 2|option n…} . The syntax includes the replacement options that can be applied. A possible result of this example could be something like:

Hi George,

My name is John and I represent ABC. I see your company XYZ is requiring of..

and in other case could be:

Hello George,

This is John, from ABC. I see your company XYZ is requiring of…

The result is a customized email body on every email you send. The more options you provide the email will be more targeted. This is a power feature you can use in to customize your Email templates.

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