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Cold Email Subject Line – Tips & Tricks

cold email subject line

It is a fact that success of cold emails depends on their subject lines. The better the cold email subject line, the more chances you will have of having your message read. However, writing better subjects is a science in itself. You would need to split test multiple subjects and then decide on the one that works best. Interestingly, not all subjects written with the same formula will work for you. Some may score higher while others will fall short of impressing even a small number of users. 

Cold Email open rates are directly correlate with email subjects and email writers can easily increase the rate by 100% by just changing a few words in their email subjects. Number of words in subject lines can create a drastic impact on their open rate.

In the following article we are going to provide you some tips and subject line examples that you can use in your next email campaign.

Tips for writing catchy cold email subject lines

  • Most clicked emails often have the word ‘Secret’ or ‘Awesome’ in them
  • Most emails that went to spam include the word ‘free’, ‘feature’, or ‘offer’
  • Cold email subject line that are stunning often get more clicks
  • People don’t usually click on emails that include a hashtag (#) or a question mark (?) in them
  • Emails starting with percentage have a high open rate
  • Emails with surprising start get more clicks. For example: Imagine a world with no person alive.

Now that we know what works and what doesn’t, here is a list of the best subject line example that can truly take your email open rate to over 90%.

Starting With a Breaking News

“Winter is Coming… Brace Yourselves”

No it isn’t about Game of Thrones. Winter storm is coming and you should be working on selling your stuff through this kind of email. For marketers, everything is an opportunity provided it falls in the legal dominion. So, make the best of the winter season by sending emails with ‘breaking news’ subject lines.

Telling a Remarkable Story

“When Santa Found Nukes in North Pole”

Well these can be nukes or nudes, both will work for email marketers. Anything that tells a story makes a worthy subject line. You can even keep the story alive within your email, just make sure that you stay on the subject. Most email marketers make the mistake of adding ‘click bait’ formula to their writing. They start with a click bait subject line and then directly sell their product in the email subject. This type of ‘in your face’ marketing not only leads to low sales, but it also discourages buyers from giving their email addresses to other e-commerce stores.

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Make them Curious

“Storm Area 51… Don’t forget to prep up!” 

While storming Area 51 has become illegal, the subject line still stays relevant because it makes others curious about how they can do the same. You will have to provide some details within the email that answer their curiosity. Once they are done with that only then provide them your offer. If they are interested, they will click on it and get to your website.

Give Something for Free

“Nachos for life! Do not miss out”

Who wouldn’t click on such an email? There are somethings that people simply can’t deny and nachos are one of those. 

While the above point was just an example, you can come up with many other email subject lines that offer something for free to the users. People are always looking for free stuff. If you want to collect email addresses, then there is nothing better than giving away something for free.

Urgency brings clicks

“Home Appliances… Promo Ends in 6 Hours”

While this is direct marketing through email, these type of offers often work with repeat customers. Especially when you are creating a sense of urgency within them. Almost everything wants to buy something that is available on a discount. And, even if the discounts are small, people are more likely to click on the offer when it has urgency in it. For example, in our example, we have the expiry date listed on it. This makes the email an urgent matter as the deals would expire in only six hours.

Follow up Subject Lines

Follow up subject lines after a meeting, interview creates an opportunity as there is a precedence of a more personal engagement. You can use your previous engagement to continue moving your prospect deeper in the sales funnel.

A/B Testing is the Key

Finally, test, test, and test. A/B Testing refers to experimenting using two different Subject Lines (A and B) and tracking which one of the subject lines results in more emails getting opened.

You cannot rely on a single subject line forever as we have discussed earlier. Make your content impressive and remarkable. Understand that your competitors would be trying to beat you every second and for that purpose they will be coming up with new techniques. Why not do the same for yourself? So, test, test, and succeed.

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