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The best time to send a cold email

best time to send cold email

The timing could make the difference between closing a sale or procrastinating an opportunity. Defining when the best time to send a cold email is should be part of your outreach strategy.

Marketers and growth teams tend to make mistakes on when to run outreach campaigns. We have identified some common mistakes our clients fall into when doing their first outreach.

We will pinpoint these mistakes and our suggestions to determine the best timing for sending cold emails.

Do not send emails 24x7x365

This is the most common mistake. Sending a cold outreach email all day long without any schedule will affect you, as providers will notice the unstoppable flow of emails and flag them as suspicious.

The best way to go here is to set a sending schedule depending on your target market. If the email outreach campaign is targeted for B2B type of offers, it will make sense to send it in a Monday to Friday schedule. On weekends, they would ignore your pitch, and your email will be buried among all the emails received during the weekend.

Create a Monday to Friday schedule for B2B campaigns

Obviously, if you are sending 24×7, you are sending even when your target audience is sleeping. You want to target your B2B contacts to react during usual business hours. That way, they are prompt to read your business-related email and probably discuss it, on the spot, with other team members.

Do not forget to try our cold email software to start sending your cold email campaigns. uses Best Practices for outreach campaigns.

Our statistics reflect that Tuesday is the day that gets higher open rates than other days of the week.

Send emails during regular business hours

Now that you have narrowed your targeted timing, you need to identify when your contacts will be more open to subscribing to your service.

This time frame is the most difficult, but a way to work around this issue is to manage campaigns per location. So, depending on your customer´s location, you can identify when users are opening emails.

The best time to send a cold email is when…

The best time of the day for sending an email is when your customers are relaxed in the comfort of their office while taking a coffee. This usually happens early in the morning when we are more productive or after lunch when they are back from a break, and they want to get into production.

You can get started with a strategy like this and test for a few days. You must run a split test after a few days to confirm if your timing strategy is giving results or not.

In conclusion, your customer location should define the best time to send a cold email is. If you are using a cold email tool like, set a sending schedule and consider your customer timezone.

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