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Automated IP/Domain Warming Process

automated ip warming

All accounts are subject to an IP warming process that limits the daily numbers of emails you can send. The process will limit the sending limit taking into consideration your account age.

The objective of the warming process is to validate your IP as a legit sender avoiding a negative impact of your IP reputation with majors service providers.

Predefined IP/Domain Warming Schedule

1-3150 Emails/day 150 Emails/day 75 Emails/day No limit
4-10200 Emails/day 200 Emails/day 100 Emails/day No limit
11-30 250 Emails/day 250 Emails/day 125 Emails/day No limit
31-45 350 Emails/day 350 Emails/day 175 Emails/day No limit
46-60 500 Emails/day 500 Emails/day 250 Emails/day No limit
61-75 600 Emails/day 600 Emails/day 300 Emails/day No limit
76-90 750 Emails/day 750 Emails/day 375 Emails/day No limit
91-up1000 Emails/day 1000 Emails/day 500 Emails/day No limit

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