Robust SMTP insfrastructure

Robust SMTP infrastructure

Multiple SMTP Relay ready for delivering Emails with outstanding performance. Reach more contacts while we take care of your mailing. REST API


Multiple API to send your transactionional emails. Developers can use PHP, curl, python, Java, c# using our POST API to send your emails.

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Mailing Dedicated IP and Domain

Dedicated IP and Domain

For high volumes we provide Free dedicated IP and you can add your own domain to our relay servers. We will assist you with PTR, DKIM, SPF and Dmark.

Powerful SMTP Relay for Email Marketing

With 17+ years in the emailing industry and owned network infrastructure you can trust in for the delivery of your Emails. With our SMTP Server platform you can send transactional and marketing emails with outstanding delivery rate. Our team will take care of your emailing infrastructure while you concentrate in your business operation. Contact us anytime if you have questions.

powerful SMTP Relay

Send Email Marketing Campaigns

Reach your Email marketing goals with Contacting your Email list to promote your new products or service has never been so easy with our high volume Email server.

Send Transactional Emails

Send your welcome emails, order confirmation and customer service emails via our transactional MTA. A well designed transanctional email campaing will ensure that your client base receive your emails at the Inbox.

For Bulk Email

Preparing and Sending email Newsletters and reaching the inbox is a difficult task now days. Use to send, in bulk, your newsletter in a fast an effective way.

SMTP Account with instant activation

Staring using SMTP accounts in a few minutes. Reach more customers today.
Use it for Bulk Emails, Newsletters, Transactional Emails and Marketing Emails.

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